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Polishes 1-98.

Collection Season Numbers Notes
Moonstone fall/winter 99-104 advertised in November 1998 Nails Magazine

Unnamed outer space glitter collection pre-fall/winter 1999, released before Winter Coats, normal bottles, had old-style ChG logo (#s 600-605)

Collection Season Numbers Notes
Babes In Toeland 1 summer CGT100-CGT105 advertised in May 1999 Nailpro
Free Fall probably spring 108-113 advertised in Mar 1999 Nailpro
Winter Coats fall/winter 114-120 advertised in September 1999 Nailpro
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Tropical Escape 121-126 normal bottles, had old-style ChG logo
Mad About Hues fall/winter 127-133
Pure Platinum CG2201-CG2207 advertised in January 2000 Nailpro
Samba spring 2208-2213 advertised in May 2000 Nailpro
Collection Season Numbers Notes
China Rain spring/summer 134-145 normal bottles, had old-style ChG logo
Babes In Toeland 2 summer CGT401-CGT406
African Safari fall/winter 146-154
Gold Diggin' Divas 501-506 old bottles; had own logo; listed for sale online by 7/21/01
In The Mood CGMP01-CGMP60 old bottles; had own logo
Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (original) 507-512 old bottles; had own logo) released after Gold Diggin' Divas
Platinum Series CG2217-CG2224 released AFTER both pure platinum and samba because it includes polishes from those collections

Denim And Diamonds had the D&D logo, before Feb 2003. Was for sale online by 7/21/01

Collection Season Numbers Notes
Bali Bliss Spring/Summer 155-163 normal bottles; was for sale online by 7/21/01
Babes In Toeland 3 summer CGT407-CGT412
Aroma Café Fall 519-524 old bottles; had aroma café logo, was for sale online by 7/21/01
Crown Jewels Winter 164-172 (CGX) normal bottles; was for sale online by 7/21/01
Coral Reef 525-530 old bottles; had coral reef logo; was for sale online by 7/21/01

All Decked Out Christmas, ALL REPROMOTES of core polishes that were released pre-2000, probably promoted for Christmas 2002. Was for sale online by 7/21/01.

Caribbean Temptation sometime between Winter 2002 and Fall 2003

Collection Season Numbers Notes
Babes In Toeland 4 summer CGT413-CGT419
Bohemian Chic fall 183-191
French Bliss spring CGFB001-CGFB008
Sun Glaze CGSG01-CGSG24
Patent Leather CGS539-CGS544

Crème Couture between Fall 2003 and Spring/Summer 2004 - probably early 2004

Classic Chromes had the Classic Chromes logo, pre-2004

Collection Season Numbers Notes
Monte Carlo Spring/Summer 204-212
Glass Slipper summer CGT420-CGT425
Fashion Fairy 4th quarter 551-552
Fashion Lounge 219-227
Patent Leather II CGS545-CGS550
Wedding Diva 213-218
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Down Under CGX242-CGX247
Flirt spring/summer 228-235
Voodoo, That U Do spring/summer 236-241
Martini Pedicure summer CGT426-CGT431
Nervy Neons CGN02-CGN08
Urban Chic late in the year 2225-2236
Visions Of Grandeur 248-256
Patent Leather In The City fall/winter 553-557
Holiday Hotties Christmas ALL REPROMOTES of core polishes that were released pre-2000
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Exceptionally Gifted 568-573
Fiji Fling spring/summer 561-567
Guilty Pleasures fall 595-600
Joy To The Girl winter ALL RE-PROMOTES
Kaleidoscope 70681-70692
Tequila Toes summer 70633-70638
We Adorn You fall/winter 588-594
Wow Factor summer *unclear*
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Blush 614-623
Fine Wines And Chocolates Christmas ALL RE-PROMOTES
Lubu Heels 2007 Lubu Heels was new, and Ruby Pumps was a re-promote.
Metallics Platinum Series fall 77050-77052
Minerals Probably re-promotes from X Anniversary from the same year.
Ski winter 629-635
Something Blue 625
Spread The Love Valentine's Day ALL REPROMOTES
Surf summer 72038-72043
X Anniversary fall 701-712
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Bahama Blues winter 673-678
Ecollection spring 648-653
Ink summer 1010-1015, plus 87-8802
OMG spring 636-647
Operation Colour winter 679-864
Rodeo Diva fall 661-672
Sexy Sport summer 660 ALL RE-PROMOTES, except for Sexy Lady
Immaterial Gurl summer 654-659
Sleigh Ride Christmas 28842-28843 2 new, and Ruby Pumps was a re-promote
Under The Mistletoe Christmas ALL RE-PROMOTES
Soft Shades 574-587
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Khrome fall/winter 843-848
Kicks summer 719-730
Loves You Snow Much Christmas All Re-promotes except for 5 Golden Rings
Retro Diva fall 731-742
Romantique spring 685-696
Specialty Colors 793-842
Spellbound Halloween 70222
Summer Days summer 713-718
What's Your Color? fall All re-promotes
Wizard Of Ooh Ahz Returns winter
One In Three BCA All re-promotes
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Awakening Halloween 942-944
Fight Like A Woman BCA 957-959
Poolside summer 872-877
Rainbow Of Hope All re-promotes
Up & Away spring 860-871
Vintage Vixen fall 930-941
Treasures winter All repromotes
Tis The Season To Be Naughty And Nice Christmas 818-892
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Tronica 966-976, 979
Crackle Glaze 978-983
Crackle Glaze Metals 1042-1047
Eye Candy 3-D Glitters 1048-1053
Anchors Away spring 945-956
Island Escape summer 960-965
Metro fall 989-1000
Haunting Halloween 984-987
Let It Snow Christmas 1001-1023
Ulta Exclusive Holiday 2011 Christmas 1061-1063
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Electropop Spring 816,1030-1040
Prismatic Chroma Glitters spring 1024-1029
Cirque DuSoleil Worlds Away 3D 1190-1204
Colours From The Capitol 1121-1132
Crackle Glitter Spring 1099-1102
On Safari Summer 1070-1081
New Bohemian 1163-1168
Magnetix 1103-1108
Magnetix II 1157-1162
Holiday Joy Christmas 1109-1120
Glimmers 1181-1186
Nail Appliques
Summer Neons Summer 1083-1094
Tranzitions 1175-1180
United in Purpose BCA 1064-1144
Wicked Halloween 1133-1138
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Autumn Nights Fall 1223-1234
Avant Garden Spring 1145-1156
Crinkled Chrome Winter 1263-1268
Pink of Me BCA 1269-1271
On the Horizon 1272-1277
Monster's Ball Halloween 1278-1282
Happy HoliGlaze Christmas 1250-1261
Hologlam Summer 1169-1174
Sunsational Summer 1211-1222
Texture 1187-1192 Advertised in the May 2013 issue of Nails Magazine, and the May 2013 issue of Nailpro.
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Off Shore Summer 1302-1313
Sea Goddess Spring 1284-1289
City Flourish Spring 1290-1301
Surprise Spring 1314-1319
The Giver 1352-1363
All Aboard Fall 1320-1331
Twinkle Christmas 1341-1352
Apocalypse of Colour Halloween 1332-1336
Celebrate Courage BCA 1337-1339
Gelaze 2
Ulta Exclusive 2014 1370, 1373, ???
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Road Trip Spring 1376-1387
Electric Nights Summer 1394-1405
Desert Escape 1388-1393
Ghoul's Night Out Halloween 1419-1424 Numbers duplicate Star Hopping's numbers.
The Great Outdoors Fall 1407-1418
Star Hopping 1419-1426 Numbers duplicate Ghoul's Night Out's numbers.
Summer Favorites ALL REPROMOTES
Cheers! Christmas 1426-1436
Beauty Brands Exclusive Holiday 2015 Christmas 1425-1436
Collection Season Numbers Notes
House of Colour spring 1446-1457
Lite Brites summer 1458-1469
Wipe Out (Everglaze) summer
Record Time Record Shine (Everglaze) spring
Rebel fall 1358-1369
The Prowl Halloween All re-promotes
Seas and Greetings Christmas 1483-1494
Active Colour
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Spring Fling spring 1501-1512
Summer Reign summer 1513-1524
Pastels 1551-1558
Shades of Nude 1539-1550
My Little Pony Color is Magic! 1525-1538
Street Regal Fall 1559-1570
Happily Never After Halloween 1571-1576
The Glam Finale Christmas 1577-1588
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Chic Physique spring 1589-1600
Shades of Paradise summer 1601-1612
OMG Flashback 1613-1618
FW '18 Ready to Wear fall 1621-1632
Paint it Black Halloween 1633-1638
The Grinch Christmas 1639-1646
Collection Season Numbers Notes
The Arrangement spring 1647-1658
Body & Sol summer 2891-2898
Gone West fall 1679-1686
To Catch a Colour Halloween 1687-1692
Sesame Street x China Glaze: You Do Hue no season 1667-1678
Sesame Street: 50 Years and Counting holiday 1693-1704
Collection Season Numbers Notes
China Glaze X Trolls World Tour spring 1705-1712
White-Hot summer 1713-1718
Spellbound 2020 halloween 1731-1736
Jollywood holiday 1737-1748
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Cali Dreams spring 1749-1756
Havana Nights summer 1719-1724
Autumn Spice Fall 1725-1730
Xtra Stellar Halloween 1757-1762
Jewels Royale Holiday 1763-1770
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Mystic Bloom spring 1771-1778
Jurassic World Dominion summer 1793-1800
Dippin' Dots spring 1787-1792
Ecoglaze (first release)
I Don't Give A Sip fall 1801-1806
Vain Villains Halloween 1807-1812
Drippin’ In Glitz Holiday 1813-1818
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Hello, Sugar! spring 1819-1824
What's The Scoop? summer 1825-1930
Deserted fall 1831-1836
Serpentine Halloween 1837-1842
Wonka Holiday 1843-1848
Love is Love All re-promotes
Collection Season Numbers Notes
Love & Kisses Valentine's Day 1849-1854
Meadow Dreams Spring

Fun In The Sun post-2009, ALL REPROMOTES from 2009 Specialty collection

Sealed With A Kiss post-2009, unless Trophy Wife was a repromote from the Specialty Collection

Moisturize In Color post-2010, ALL REPROMOTES

Unnamed Christmas Collection

Flip Into Color

Picture Perfect

Unnamed denim & diamonds reissues D&D was released before Feb 2003. It's equally likely that the "reissues" came before D&D