Holiday Hotties (collection)

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Released for Christmas 2005.

Press Release

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China Glaze’s hottest red shades are included in the Holiday Hotties six-pack, which features five top-selling reds and a free Patent Leather top coat. The accompanying six-piece display is a clear acetate box containing the top coat and shades of Sangria, Salsa, Go Crazy Red, Ruby Red Pumps and Long Kiss. Suggested retail price: $32.50. The Holiday Hotties three-pack features a buy-two-get-one-free deal. It contains a Masai Red and one each of Fashion Fairy’s Fairy Dust and Golden Enchantment top coats. The accompanying display is a three-piece holder that matches the Holiday Hotties six-pack. Suggested retail price: $15.90. And finally, the Holiday Chic three-pack is another buy-two-get-one-free deal. It contains one each of Urban Chic’s Sophistication and Urban Attitude shades, as well as a Red Essence. Part of the Urban Chic line, it contains 24 multicultural shades with metropolitan hues for global appeal. The accompanying display is a three-piece holder reminiscent of the Urban Chic rack display. Suggested retail price: $13. For additional information, call 800/624-5776 or visit[1]


Ruby Pumps is listed as "Ruby Red Pumps" in this press release. It's the same polish based on the numbers (182).


Long Kiss

Go Crazy Red



Ruby Pumps

Patent Leather Topcoat