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Specialty collection in partnership with Lionsgate for the release of the Hunger Games movie. Sometimes called Capitol Colours. Available March 1, 2012.

Featured in March 2012 issue of Nails Magazine.

Press Release[edit]

Hunger Game - Capital Colors 12.png
Nails Magazine, March 2012
Hunger Game - Capital Colors 36.png


This collection of 12 new nail polish shades is inspired exclusively by one distinct setting in The Hunger Games - the Capitol of the nation of Panem. Awash in lavish fashion, food, and entertainment, Capitol citizens enjoy extreme cosmetics and body modifications, bold wigs, and outlandish costumes.


With THE HUNGER GAMES about to begin, Capitol citizens can show their support for their chosen district through China Glaze®’s exclusive Capitol Colours nail polish collection. The collection combines rich crèmes, soft shimmers and bold glitters to create the limited edition 12 shade nail polish collection inspired by the most anticipated movie release of the year.

The China Glaze® Capitol Colours collection includes the following shades:

  • Dress Me UpA stripped down dark rose pink crème
  • Foie GrasDecadent dark crème taupe
  • Fast TrackSoft sandy brown with a gold metallic shimmer
  • Hook and LinePearlescent light grey
  • Stone ColdMatte slate grey with shimmer
  • Smoke and AshesBlack-based teal with multicolored shimmer
  • AgroMoss green with gold shimmer
  • Mahogany MagicReddish-brown crème
  • Harvest MoonCrystalized copper shimmer
  • RivetingBright orange shimmer
  • ElectrifyHigh-wattage gold and ruby red glitter blend
  • Luxe and LushA high octane flaky overcoat

The release of the collection follows the debut of the China Glaze® Capitol Colours consumer and beauty trade advertising campaign featuring the story’s Effie Trinket, who is assigned by the Capitol to escort and prepare the Tributes from District 12 for the 74th Annual Hunger Games. The ad features the tagline, “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?,” encouraging fans of THE HUNGER GAMES to support their favorite tribute and district by wearing a corresponding shade. Full-page ads will run in the March issues of teenVOGUE, People Style Watch and InStyle.

China Glaze® Capitol Colours will be available in early March 2012 at salons and specialty beauty retailers including Sally Beauty Supply and ULTA stores, coinciding with the release of THE HUNGER GAMES in theatres March 23, 2012. Individual shades retail for $7. The collection will be available in a 12-piece counter display as well as open stock colors.


These are all new releases.

Press releases seem to name this collection both Colours From The Capitol and Capitol Colours. The theme of the polishes changed as well. Information was distributed saying that each polish represented a theme from the Capitol, but later that each polish represented a theme from the Capitol.


Dress Me Up

Foie Gras

Fast Track

Hook And Line

Stone Cold

Smoke And Ashes


Mahogany Magic

Harvest Moon



Luxe And Lush