Meadow Dreams (collection)

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Released for Spring 2024.

Press Release

Meadow dreams pr.jpg

Do you believe in fairy tales?

Spring into action and follow your most adventurous dreams as you cast your alluring spell that's sure to enchant and captivate. It's a whimsically wondrous world in a land where your unbridled imagination and legendary lore live forever more... nestled amongst the mystical mushrooms, beautiful butterflies and ll of the nature's boundless beauty! You'll be sure to leave a shimmering, twinkly trail wherever your mythical wings take you.

  • Picking WildflowersA pleasingly playful, peachy hue is haunting of an early morning sun that rises and warms the cool dew of a sleeping pixie's 'do!
  • Meet Me In The MeadowThis light, lime-like green hue speckled with the finest of fairy dust will instantly evoke feelings of frolicking through the mystical, succulent gardens of spellbinding sprites ready to make your most imaginative wishes come true.
  • Mystic GardenGet a case of wand-erlust as you imagine yourself soaring amongst the breathtaking splendor of a lively sprite's magical garden and its tiniest of buzzing creatures with this hint of mint tint.
  • What A DreamLet's keep this short and sweet like the most precious of pixies. This soft ivory crème lacquer is the perfect neutral in an imaginary land where a little mystical mischief is bound to happen.
  • Lavender HazeAs dreamy, dainty and delicate as your favorite fabled fairy, this pastel purple lacquer sparkles with a sheer, pearlescence reminiscent of a pixie's powdered trail.
  • Fields of LilacPart periwinkle, part luscious lilac, this mystical crème color will entrance even the most fervent of fantasy folklore lovers.



Picking Wildflowers

Meet Me In The Meadow

Mystic Garden

What A Dream

Lavender Haze

Fields of Lilac