Seas and Greetings (collection)

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Released in 2016.[1]

Press Release

Seas and greetings pr 1.jpg
Seas and greetings 7.jpg

Tis the sea-sun for holiday cheer and this year China Glaze is taking you on a tropical escape from the traditional snowy white climate. The CHILL vibe of this collection has nothing to do with climate and everything to do with attitude. The relaxed feel of the beach with classic holiday joy has this winter warming up. With a colour palette that embodies woven accents of glitter with faded ocean blues and weathered seashells brings this coastal holiday collection to life.

  • Snow Way!white (Cream)
  • Sand In My Mistletoesnude pink (Cream)
  • Eat, Pink, Be Merryneutral pink (Cream)
  • Warm Wishesa reddish-pink (Cream)
  • Tis The Sea-Sunan orange-red (Cream)
  • The More The Berriershimmering deep berry (Cream)
  • Seas and Greetingsshimmering deep purple (Shimmer)
  • Let's Shell-ebratepink and purple glitter (Glitter)
  • Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfishgreen holographic (Glitter)
  • Partridge In A Palm Treemint green (Cream)
  • Joy To The Wavesshimmering green-blue (Shimmer)
  • Good Tide-ingslilac-blue (Cream)


This collection may have been Sally Beauty-only.

Warm Wishes Duo: contains full sizes of Warm Wishes and Let's Shell-ebrate

Warm wishes duo.jpg

Wish Upon a Starfish duo: Includes full sizes of Good Tide-ings and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish

Wish upon a starfish duo.jpg

Sand in My Mistletoes kit: contains full size Sand In My Mistletoes, Paint It Black Stripe Rite and Best In Snow Stripe Rite

Sand in my mistletoes trio.jpg

Snow Way! trio: contains full sizes of Snow Way!, Joy To The Waves and Partridge In A Palm Tree

Snow way trio.jpg

Shell-Ebration Time: contains mini (.125 fl oz.) sizes of Eat, Pink, Be Merry, Let's Shell-ebrate, The More The Berrier, Seas And Greetings, Good Tide-ings and Partridge In A Palm Tree

Shellebration time mini.jpg


Snow Way!

Sand In My Mistletoes

Eat, Pink, Be Merry

Warm Wishes

Tis The Sea-Sun

The More The Berrier

Seas and Greetings

Let's Shell-ebrate

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Starfish

Partridge In A Palm Tree

Joy To The Waves

Good Tide-ings