Xtra Stellar (collection)

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Released for Halloween 2021.

Press Release[edit]

Xtra stellar coll.jpg
CG Model XtraStellar 2.jpg
Xtra stellar coll set.jpg

Travel into the unkown, where no one has dared to go before. Stunning futuristic finishes and color-shifting effects inspire you to create nail looks that are out of this world. How far will you take it?

  • Holee Shift!Galactic meets grunge with a heather gray duo chrome that spaceshuttles between smoky and plum tones.
  • She's So Extra TerrestrialThe extra-dimensional effects of this dark cyan holographic will make your nails sparkle like a breathtaking sea of stars.
  • PurpletoniumThis powerful purple matte is the world's most coveted element, capable of turning your most creative galaxy fantasies into reality.
  • Little Green InvadersMysterious lights spotted flashing in the sky. UFO or this glowing green bronze duo chrome?
  • Now Or NovaThis cosmic red copper shimmer is bursting with the brilliance of a super nova explosion.
  • Keep It RealmExplore new realms with this mercurial deep blue red shimmer and create looks that are out of this galaxy!



Holee Shift!

She's So Extra Terrestrial


Little Green Invaders

Now Or Nova

Keep It Realm