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Released in 2003.

Press Release

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China Glaze introduces a revolutionary new formula. The Sun Glaze collection includes 24 colors that change when exposed to the sun. The brighter the sun the more intense the color change.


These polishes were advertised as changing colors in the sun, though bottles tested in the present day don't seem to change colors. These are not to be confused with the In The Mood polishes, which supposedly changed colors with heat. The bottles were shaped like smaller China Glaze bottles, and had yellow caps and a Sun Glaze logo on the front. There seems to have been a second release of more colors at some point after the first 24 colors were released.


Original Polishes

Pearl White to Pearl Pink

Pearl White to Mocha Pearl

Pearl White to Peach Pearl

Pearl White to Lavender Pearl

Clear to Nude Top Coat

Clear to Lavender Top Coat

Gold to Brown

Gold Glitter to Pink

Silver Glitter to Lavender Glitter

Creme to Golden Yellow

Beige to Gold

Pearl Pink to Peach

Pink to Orange

Coral to Purple

Pearl Orange to Rose

Raspberry to Plum Ice

Light Yellow to Plum

Silver Grey to Blue Silver

Blue Glitter to Teal Glitter

Light Blue to Lavender

Sea Blue to Violet

Abalone to Shimmering Blue

Green to Lime Green

Clear to Pink Top Coat

Non-Original Polishes

Blue Glitter To Yellow Glitter