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Released in 2014.

Press Release

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The creators of China Glaze® have developed a unique gel system available in 36 stunning shades. Introducing Gelaze® Gel-n-Base in One, an innovative 100% gel polish that includes base coat. Fewer steps for longer wear. Express yourself with your favorite hues to match your every style and mood. Feel confident knowing your Gelaze gel manicure remains chip-free with long-lasting shine. Check out our Try it! section for fabulous ways to use China Glaze lacquer to create designs over colour-matched Gelaze.

We’ve got gel-fabulous news! From the creators of China Glaze® comes Gelaze®, a revolutionary new gel polish system that has fewer steps than the traditional gel manicure, faster cure times and superior coverage. With Gelaze®, 36 of your favorite China Glaze® shades are now available in long lasting gel polish.

Gelaze® Gel-n-Base in One, is an innovative 2-in-1, 100% gel polish, with the base coat built right into the polish. Gelaze® delivers a longer lasting manicure in fewer steps than traditional gel with reduced cure times under your choice of UV or LED lamp. Save steps, save time and save money.

Create unique designs with Gelaze® signature looks that include The Ombre, The Moon and The Fade, using China Glaze® lacquer over a colour-matched Gelaze® design to suit your every style and mood. You will feel confident knowing your Gelaze® high-shine gel manicure will remain steadfast underneath. Ideal for both hands and toes, Gelaze® is your answer for chip-free manicures and pedicures that last for weeks. Try trendy for a night and come back to traditional for the day. With China Glaze® and Gelaze®, you truly can have it all.

Gelaze® will be available in November at fine salons and beauty supply stores.


All new releases.

The .33 fl oz/10mL bottles have a suggested retail price of $12. The .5 fl oz/15 mL bottles have a suggested retail price of $14.00.

The Gelaze line has its own website at

Tips & Toes: Plur-ple:

Gelaze coll 1.jpg

Tips & Toes: Glow with the Flow:

Gelaze coll 2.jpg

Tips & Toes: Red-y to Rave:

Gelaze coll 3.jpg

Tips & Toes: Home Sweet House Music:

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Gelaze Top Coat

Naturally Expressive:


Fairy Dust

White on White

Liquid Leather


Coconut Kiss

Dress Me Up

Fifth Avenue


Below Deck


Black Diamond

Bottoms Up (added after initial launch)

Dance Baby (added after initial launch)

Deviantly Daring (added after initial launch)

Evening Seduction (added after initial launch)

Four Leaf Clover (added after initial launch)

Gossip Over Gimlets (added after initial launch)

High Hopes (added after initial launch)

Highlight of my Summer (added after initial launch)

Neon & On & On (added after initial launch)

Recycle (added after initial launch)

Strike Up a Cosmo (added after initial launch)

Sun Worshipper (added after initial launch)

Sun of a Peach (added after initial launch)

Tart-y For The Party (added after initial launch)

Sweet Hook (added after initial launch)

Surfin' For Boys (added after initial launch)

Too Yacht to Handle (added after initial launch)

That's Shore Bright (added after initial launch)

Techno (added after initial launch)

What A Pansy (added after initial launch)

Thistle Do Nicely (added after initial launch)

Don’t Honk Your Thorn (added after initial launch)

Up All Night (added after initial launch)

Brilliantly Daring:

Turned Up Turquoise

Pink Voltage

Flip Flop Fantasy

For Audrey

Dorothy Who?

Shocking Pink

Purple Panic


Pool Party

Hang-Ten Toes

Splish Splash

Passionate for Life:

Long Kiss


Exceptionally Gifted

Red Pearl

Ruby Pumps



Seduce Me

Rich & Famous

Make An Entrance

Caribbean Temptation

Sexy Silhouette

Coral Star

No Category:


Secret Peri-Wink-Le

Celtic Sun

In The Lime Light

Flying Dragon

Rose Among Thorns

Orange Knockout

Peachy Keen

108 Degrees

Lubu Heels

Swing Baby

Strawberry Fields

Diva Bride

My Sweet Lady

Plur-Ple(with the release of Electric Nights)

Glow With the Flow(with the release of Electric Nights)

Red-y To Rave(with the release of Electric Nights)

Home Sweet House Music(with the release of Electric Nights)