Wizard Of Ooh Ahz (original) (collection)

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Released in 2001.

Press Release

Image from Worldwidecosmetics.com

Click your heels and step out in style with 6 of Dorothy's High Glitter nail lacquers. This dazzling Ruby Slipper display, which holds 2 of each shade, will absolutely get oohs & ahz in your salon.

Product Alert

February 11, 2002

Wizard of Ooh Ahz Glitter Nail Lacquer is available from China Glaze, a division of Worldwide Cosmetics, located in N. Hollywood, CA, as a "China Glaze Specialty Collection." The shades - The Ten Man, Good Witch?, Cowardly Lyin', Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who? and C-C-Courage - are presented in 0.41 fl. oz. glass bottles.


These were in the old-style flat bottles. Later re-released in 2009 as Wizard Of Ooh Ahz Returns.


Ruby Pumps

The Ten Man

Cowardly Lyin'

Good Witch?

Dorothy Who?