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Released for Christmas 2018.

Press Release[edit]

Grinch press.jpg

Straight from the top of the naughty list, The Grinch takes over China Glaze® this holiday with a limited-edition lacquer collection. Stealing inspiration from the wonder of Who-ville, DR. SEUSS’ THE GRINCH x China Glaze® collaboration will make your heart grow three sizes with a transformative palette of eight frosty shades. Say “Merry Whatever” to shimmering glitters and cool crèmes, plus three Designer Nail Tips, two holiday gift sets and nail art kit.

This season is looking to be deliciously wicked with:

  • GrinchworthyVividly vile light green glitter
  • Resting Grinch FaceThe unmerriest multi-color green and red glitter
  • Ho! Ho! No.Rich crimson and gold glitter tops the naughty list
  • Who WonderSpirited shimmering fuchsia
  • You’re a Mean OneWicked deep wine shimmer
  • Deliciously WickedSassy glittering blue-grey glitter
  • Lukewarm WishesFrigid iridescent pearl
  • Merry Whatever.A most Grinchworthy champagne gold glitter

SEUSS’ THE GRINCH China Glaze®collection also includes three Designer Nails Tip styles for Grinch worthy nails on-the-go (MSRP: $9.99 each)

The naughty list of colour gets even longer with the introduction of two holiday kits and two nail art sets:

  • You’re A Mean OneHoliday booklet containing micro mini bottles of all eight shades (MSRP $17.50)
  • Luke Warm WishesSix micro mini bottles of Grinchworthy, Resting Grinch Face, Merry Whatever, Deliciously Wicked, You’re a Mean One, and Ho! Ho! No. (MSRP $15.00)
  • GrinchworthyIncludes Grinchworthyand a pod of iridescent green glitter for added dimension and texture, plus For Rhinestones Onlybase and top coat (MSRP $15.00)

November 2018 isn’t the season for colour when DR. SEUSS’ THE GRINCH x China Glaze® collection launches at stores nationwide including Ulta, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart and Sally Beauty, plus JCPenney Salons. DR. SEUSS’ THE GRINCH arrives in theaters nationwide on November 9, 2018.

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Grinch nail art set.jpg

Grinch mini set.jpg

Green Matte Magic:

Green Matte Magic tips.png

Grinch Vines:

Grinch vines tips.jpg

Red Sweater:

Red sweater tips.png



Resting Grinch Face

Ho! Ho! No.

Who Wonder

You're A Mean One

Deliciously Wicked

Lukewarm Wishes

Merry Whatever.