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Released in 2016.

Press Release

Active colour.png

Introducing Active Colour from China Glaze.....

This new collection of treatment + colour nail lacquer provides an immaculate high-shine finish with incredible durability in one coat coverage.

Here's How it works:

Here's what you get:

  • A multitasking polish with topical treatment benefits
  • High-performance, one-coat coverage
  • Neutralizing, color-correcting hues that give nails a healthy appearance

Take Active Colour to your favorite salon and refresh your nails with high-performance lacquer.

Why Go Sheer When You Can Be Bold?

Get a healthy dose of colour in just one coat. Our Active Colour collection has 6 soft, muted shades of lacquer + treatment that provide just the right amount of saturation while treating your nails with calcium, protein and China clay.


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Active colour 3.jpg


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