Operation Colour (collection)

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Released for Winter 2008.

Press Release

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Let the Revolution begin!!!

They want a black and white world. That has Violet Glaze seeing RED.

She walks at night, entering the black and white world from a hidden underground of colour.

The Removers doing their sinister best to keep color down. Violet Glaze says, "Bring It On!" Armed with lacquer in every shade, Violet is leaving a trail of nails in bright, beautiful colors.

Black and white...? She thinks not.

The Story of the Quest for Color

Violet Glaze is the color-championing heroine of Operation Colour, a new collection from China Glaze. Entering the world from her Pink Underground, Violet (code name Agent Lavender) plans to launch a Revolution, one bottle of polish at a time against hue-hating villains, The Removers. They want to draw the shades on …shades, while Violet struggles to set things bright. She sees a Golden Opportunity when a Secret Peri-Winkle is passed to her: The Removers are on the move and Violet is right behind them, leaving color in her wake. Code Orange! Color is coming!

  • Revolution: tomato red creme
  • Code Orange: pumpkin orange with a slight shimmer
  • Golden Opportunity: warm marigold shimmer
  • Pink Underground: bright light pink with a slight iridescence
  • Secret Peri-Wink-Le: periwinkle/blue creme
  • Agent Lavender: soft lavender creme




Agent Lavender

Code Orange

Golden Opportunity

Pink Underground

Secret Peri-Wink-Le