Everglaze (gel polish)

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Released in 2015.

Press Release[edit]

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Formulated with active plasticizer technology, the EverGlaze® ActiveTopCoat fuses to lock in color and shine just like gel polish. No base coat or UV light needed. Plus EverGlaze® lacquer removes as easy as regular polish. The unique flat brush provides a flawless, smooth application with no streaking or drag. Get the lasting power of gel without the hassels. EverGlaze® delivers a strong manicure that works as hard as you do.[1]


All new releases, and these are brand new polishes, not remakes of existing China Glaze Shades

The Everglaze line has its own website at http://www.everglazelacquer.com.

This is an extended wear polish, and needs no lamp for curing.


Active Top Coat


A Toast to You

Adrenaline Rush

Back to Black

Beach Beige

Bleeding Love

Blush Much?

Breath of Fresh Air

Case of the Mondaze

Cashin' Out

Cash-merely There

Coastal Mist

Current Crush

Don't Grape About It

Faux Your Love

Fig-ure It Out

Flash Mauve


French Press


I Lilac It

I Wanna Be Your Lava

I'm Not Bordeaux

Kiss the Girl

Lil' Bow-Tique


Make the Moss of It

Mellow Dramatic


Mum's the Word

Navy Night

NY Slate of Mind

Optimal Opal

Orange You Obsessed?

Paint My Piggies Pink

Pretty Poppy

Rethink Pink

Rose to the Occasion


Royal Satin

Taken for Pomegranate


Ultra Orchid

We Be Jammin'


What a Peach

What's the Coral-ation?

White Noise

Will You Be Mine?