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Released in 2001.

Press Release

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In The Mood nail polish changes colors with temperature and mood! Available in our new, uniquely designed bottles, In The Mood includes 12 new colors made exclusively by China Glaze!


These are not to be confused with the Sun Glaze polishes, which supposedly changed colors in the sun. The bottles were a different shape than the present-day China Glaze bottles, and they had a graphic "In The Mood" logo on the front (some included the old-style China Glaze logo, and some had the newer logo). They were smaller .41 ounce bottles.

There seems to have been a second release of more colors at some point after the original release. Also, some bottles seem to exist that have the same number and polish color, but different names. An archived China Glaze site from Mar 02, 2001 states "A collection of exciting Mood colors that change with temperature and mood! Available in our new, uniquely designed bottles, In The Mood includes 12 new colors made exclusively by China Glaze!" in an advertisement for an In The Mood display. It also states that there were a total of 48 polishes, though.

There were also marbleizing kits sold from the original In the Mood collection. As early as June 2002, this was listed on the China Glaze site:

Create Marbleizing designs with Mood Polish. Easy to use, brush on polish and swirl together. Choose any combination of In The Mood polish to create your custom look. In The Mood Marbleizing Kit is available in a 16-piece wire display or you can purchase the following kits separately.

CGMPK-16D - 'In The Mood' 16-piece wire display

CGMPKT - 1 Marbleizing Tool

Marbleizing Packs

CGMPK1 - Contains Mood Colors 46, 47 and a Marbleizing Tool.

CGMPK2 - Contains Mood Colors 10, 18 and a Marbleizing Tool.

CGMPK3 - Contains Mood Colors 01, 15 and a Marbleizing Tool.

CGMPK4 - Contains Mood Colors 04, 28 and a Marbleizing Tool.


Original Polishes

Hot Pink to Light Pink

Lilac to Silver

Blue to Green

Bright Red to Sparkle Orange

Turquoise to Pearl White

Green to Gold

Light Blue to Pink

Bright Pink to Silver w/ Gold Glitter

Plum to Red

Lilac to Silver Glitter

Violet to Pink

Light Green to Gold

Black to Silver

Silver to White

Blue to Silver Shimmer

Magenta to Pink

Light Navy to Sparkling Pink

Pink to Silver

Blue-Black to Silver Clear

Lavender to Clear Glitter

Sky Blue to Silver

Purple to Light Blue

Bronze to Gold

Brown to Gold

Gold to Light Metallic Gold

Seafoam Green to Champagne

Orchid Yellow to Green

Rust to Yellow

Purple to Shocking Pink

Plum to Baby Blue

Light Pink to White

Purple Shimmer to Blue Shimmer

Sea Green to Light Blue

Peach to Petal Pink

Shell Pink to Shimmer Gold

Lavender to Oyster Pearl

Purple to White

Brown to Pink

Teal to Peach

Gold to Lime Green

Plum Red to Brown Gold

Plum Red to Shocking Pink

Teal to Gold

Purple to Sparkle Blue Neon

Burgundy to Red

Bright Red to Pink

Orange to Gold

Medium Pink to Light Baby Pink

Non-original polishes

Neon Purple To Neon Blue With Blue Glitter

Orchid Yellow To Glitter Day Glow Green

Purple With Rainbow Glitter To Opalescent Glitter

Mint Green To Seafoam Green

Teal To Silver

Salmon Creme To Peach

Golden Brown To Golden Mauve

Raspberry Orange Sherbet

Pearl Mocha White

Lemon To Coconut Cream

Glitter Day Glow Rust To Yellow

Iridescent Pink To Baby Pink

Blue To Purple

Mocha to Light Cappuccino[1]