Wipe Out (Everglaze)

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Released in 2017.

Press Release[edit]

Wipe out.jpg
Wipe out collection set.jpg

As summer is heating up, the colors are getting brighter and this season’s collection, Wipeout, is no exception. Catch the wave with Wipeout! A collection of neon pastel shades that play and stay from sun up to sun down!


All new releases, and these are brand new polishes, not remakes of existing China Glaze Shades.

The Everglaze line has its own website at http://www.everglazelacquer.com.

These are extended wear polishes, and need no lamp for curing.



You Glow Girl!

Beat the Heat


Love's a Shore Thing

Pump Up the Glam


Make Waves, Not War

Motion of the Ocean

Sunny Side Up