Wedding Diva (collection)

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Released in 2004.

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Wedding Diva 12PC Cake Display Item#CGW-12D Contains: 2 each of 6 classic shades.

Wedding Diva 6PC Slice of Cake Display Item#CGW-6D Contains: 1 each of 6 classic shades.

Wedding Diva Lacquer Shades:

  • Item#CGX213 Runaway Bride
  • Item#CGX214 Left at the Altar
  • Item#CGX215 Always a Bridesmaid
  • Item#CGX216 Diva Bride
  • Item#CGX217 Ball n’ Chain
  • Item#CGX218 Garter Belt


Some online webstores list this Always A Bridesmaid as CGX215 and part of the Wedding Diva collection, but China Glaze's own material doesn't mention it in that collection, and lists 215 as White Wedding. It seems likely that White Wedding was the original name of this polish, and at some point it changed to Always a Bridesmaid.


Runaway Bride

Always A Bridesmaid **see notes

Left At The Altar

White Wedding **see notes

Diva Bride

Ball N' Chain

Garter Belt