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Welcome! This wiki will be used to catalog as much information as possible about China Glaze nail polish.

I think it's a travesty that there's almost no information available anywhere about older China Glaze polishes. China Glaze is a great brand, and my goal is to have this as a central location for all known information about CG polishes and collections.

This is a work in progress - lots of stuff still to do. I've got every polish and collection that I currently know about into the database, so now I'm going back and filling in info. It's gonna take a while - current count is 1,737 polishes and 216 collections!

Email for questions, comments, or suggestions.

Check out the handy sidebar links over on the left for quick navigation. It's fun to browse the pictures!!

A few random tidbits:

the first polish: Wild Mink

the first official named collection: Moonstone

the first glitter polish: Vegas

Lately I've been working on making a Collection timeline. Still in progress!


Upcoming & Recent Collections: