Evolution of a Bottle

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The earliest known mention of China Glaze polish was in the January 1991 issue of Nails Magazine.

Vintage Dusties

Vintage Dusties

Nails Magazine, April 2014


The caps from the very old standard-shaped bottles were very different:

new cap
old cap
new cap
old cap

The logos on the standard shaped bottles have also changed:

new logo
old logo

Some very old collections had differently shaped bottles as well, for instance the Classic Chromes collection:

Classic chromes collection.JPG

Some very old collections also had the collection name on thefront of the bottle, whether in oval or round bottles:


Silver caps usually indicate a special collection like a holographic. Also, the Pure Platinum collection had silver caps.

Some newer, "special" polishes have the collection name on them. (Transitions, crackle, magnetic)