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1,737 polishes and 216 collections. Added Pretty Presents, which was previously unknown to me.



1722 polishes and 215 collections.


Adding some new stuff from some old ads that were discovered recently.



Whoah, this has been sadly neglected, and I think the site's actually been offline for a year. Adding new stuff.



Now, I know I worked on this in 2019, but apparently I didn't update this page! Adding new collections and doing a deep dig into the interwebs for some polishes I know nothing about.



I've been working hard adding swatches from Scrangie, Of Life and Lacquer, Pointless Cafe, Chloe's Nails, and Polish Galore. Also, the very nice Madolyn has found several new polishes lately, so that's very exciting!

Also, 1493 swatches on the wiki, which is more than the total number of polishes! However, lots of them are duplicates, which I think is a good thing because it shows different lighting. Still needed:

254 polishes need a bottle pic

194 polishes need a drop pic

743 polishes need swatches


Doing some catchup today, I was neglectful in 2017.

1460 polishes and 185 collections.



Lots of work lately!

1403 polishes and 179 collections.



Well, I got all the pictures tagged, but now I've gotten permission from a couple of bloggers (Scrangie and Lextard) to add their swatches, so I've been working on that. It's MUCH more labor intensive to add swatches now that 1) the new update to Mediawiki broke the multi-upload addon I was using, and 2) I have to individually tag each photo so it wouldn't matter anyway. Blah!


Added new collections. Also working on tagging all the photos so they can be browsed by year, color, etc. It's boring and monotonous work and will take a while. Wish I'd done this from the start!

1325 polishes and 169 collections.



Added new collections.

1301 polishes and 167 collections.


Lots of work adding a few new collections, Everglaze, and some new Gelish releases.

1256 polishes and 160 collections.



OMG, so much work being done. Just random information I'm going back and adding. 1,184 polishes and 156 collections.

On the to-do list: fixing the search feature so that it actually makes sense (the standard search for mediawiki is pretty much crap). It will require the boyfriend's help, I think.


1,158 polishes and 153 collections. Found a new polish, Light Almond.


I'm back to trying to clean up old collections and make sure I have all the info that exists. When I get bored with that, my big project will be trying to figure out how to selectively browse. Like, if you want to see all the pink swatches, or whatever. Right now you can only view the pink category, and then you have to click on the individual pages. I'd like it to be more like the images sections over on the left sidebar. IF it's even possible, that will mean going back and tagging every image I have. Blah!

I've also got my own Chg polishes piling up - I haven't swatched anything in years, but that hasn't stopped me from buying! Blah again!


Added the Surprise collection. 1,133 polishes and 144 collections.


1,127 polishes and 143 collections.



Collection timeline is now a go! I'm also going back through all the existing collections and making sure that all possible information exists. I'm still buying the new ChG polishes even though I've abandoned my blog...one of these days I will get around to swatching them for this wiki.

Oh, also Kenora discovered a polish that wasn't already in the database - Goldenheart!! It's been a long time since that happened, so it's exciting! Goldenheart is one of the "missing number" polishes - way back in 1999ish, China Glaze displayed their current polish line on their website, and there were a lot of missing numbers from #1-100. I've never known whether the missing numbers were just phased out of the permanent line really early or if they never made it to production. Anyway, I believe this is the only missing number polish that has been discovered (on this wiki).


Been adding a lot of stuff lately, just new polishes and general updates. 1,108 polishes and 139 collections.



Added new swatches and new collection info. 1,022 polishes and 130 collections.


Been working with the awesome Kenora Sorgenfrie, who has been able to dig up a ton of info on the origins of China Glaze. So, I've been adding some info here and there, and also worked a lot on the tangled ball of yarn that is Denim & Diamonds.

I noticed that we now have 4 collections without names: Unnamed Christmas Collection, Unnamed denim & diamonds reissues, Unnamed outer space glitter collection, and Unnamed skydiving collection. Please, if you have any info about these, contact me!

1015 polishes and 127 collections.


946 polishes and 119 collections.


Lots of new collections! 916 polishes and 116 collections.



Added a few newly-released collections.


Did a ton of work today...added a collection timeline. I'm now down to 67 items that currently have an unknown year, notably Denim And Diamonds, Caribbean Temptations, Platinum Series, Crème Couture, and Classic Chromes. 874 polishes and 110 collections.


844 polishes and 101 collections. Added a bunch of my swatches, and a bunch of swatches that Polish Insomniac was nice enough to let me display!


838 polishes and 100 collections. Got sucked into the wiki timesink again last night, adding stock color drops, which I figure will be better than nothing even if they're color inaccurate until I can get real ones, and will brighten up otherwise boring, no-picture pages.


Hitting a wall in most of the research I've been doing lately, so it's been going slower. Got a bunch of new swatches uploaded today. Recently added some swatches that Nail Noir was nice enough to let me post here.

Oh, and I made a small breakthrough - I was able to merge the "Unnamed Tropical Collection" and Tropical Escape, AND I found a release year for it!!! Which is good cause I'd previously had Tropical Escape listed with just one polish in it - Cascade, which was actually a misnamed Cascade Mist.

Another huge breakthrough on the Patent Leather collections, too. I'm slowly plowing through it all!


Got Tronica swatches up in the past few days. Made a breakthrough regarding Babes In Toeland 1. I now concede that it did in fact exist. :)


Top priority right now is figuring out Creme Couture, then Patent Leather. At the same time, getting bottle pics and swatches up for Anchors Away!


I figured out Babes In Toeland!! My conclusion that Babes In Toeland 1 doesn't exist doesn't make me happy because it means that I'm still missing polishes from the database, though. I was pretty sure that I basically have them all.


I'm currently having some serious trouble figuring out the Babes In Toeland collections. Different sources seem to disagree about which polishes belonged to which of the first three unnamed Babes In Toeland collection, and it's driving me crazy. I'm certain about Babes In Toeland 4, but I'm not sure where the other two sets of polishes go, and I think I'm entirely missing Babes In Toeland 1.

A few other things I'm having trouble with are the two different Patent Leather collections, Crème Couture, and Classic Chromes. So if anyone has any information on these, please let me know!!!


813 polishes and 96 collections


750 polishes and 96 collections


739 polishes and 91 collections


702 polishes and 88 collections



707 polishes and 85 collections