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Denim & Diamonds may refer to:

Denim & Diamonds, released in the Denim And Diamonds collection.
Denim And Diamonds, a collection.
Unnamed denim & diamonds reissues, released sometime after Denim & Diamonds.


Denim and Diamonds seems to have been re-released in its entirety with new names.[1] The numbers seem to correspond to the Denim & Diamonds collection, but the letters start with CGS instead of CGD. Because of the foot-themed names of these re-released polishes, it's possible that this was a Babes In Toeland collection, although their numbers started with CGT, and also that means they would have had to release 2 Babes In Toeland collections in the same year.

To add to the confusion, there's an unnamed Christmas collection that overlaps some of the CGS numbers. It includes Silver Bells (number CGS538) and Poinsettia (original) (number CGS537).

Speculation only: Sole Mate should be number CGS532.

Denim And Diamonds, probably released 2002-2003.
Unnamed denim & diamonds reissues, released sometime after Denim & Diamonds.

# Denim & Diamonds Unnamed Col. #
CGD531 Diamond Diva Sole Searching CGS531
CGD532 Hug My Hips ? ?
CGD533 Below The Belt Bare-To-Wear CGS533
CGD534 Tight Fit Soled Out CGS534
CGD535 Girl's Best Friend Toe Tappin' CGS535
CGD536 Stone Washed ? ?
CGD537 Blues ? ?
CGD538 Denim & Diamonds ? ?
Sole Mate ?


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