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Released Fall 2006.

Press Release

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We Adorn You Fall/Winter 2006 Collection

Los Angeles, CA − June 02, 2006 − China Glaze® envelops your nails with seven new sparkling shades that glow more generously than your gems. Available in August 2006, We Adorn You, a bedazzling collection of radiant gemstones and metallic shades, includes seven elegant new nail shades plus the top selling Ruby Pumps for colors that perfectly compliment the embellished designs for fall. This season, opulence is obtainable, whether donning that Chanel inspired cocktail dress or dressing up in a pair of designer denim and heels, We Adorn You is the perfect accessory!

The Gems of this World are its Women and these sumptuous shades are in honor of their favorite “Gilded Treasures.” Every woman deserves a little sparkly reminder of how special she is to those around her. From her wrists “Drenched in Diamonds” to the “Ruby Pumps” that adorn her feet, remember to worship her with wonderful wares as she walks through life “Draped in Velvet.” Most of her gifts are from suitors that realize she is “In Awe of Amber,” treasures “Soft Sienna Silks” and adores “Anklets of Amethyst.” With these opulent metallics saturated with sparkle, she has the world at her fingertips and “Eyes Like Sapphires”!

The We Adorn You colors:

  • Gilded Treasures – Light Gold with silver glitter
  • In Awe of Amber – Burnt Copper with metallic finish
  • Soft Sienna Silks – Warm Bronze with metallic finish
  • Anklets of Amethyst – Light Lilac with glitter
  • Ruby Pumps – Rich Magenta with glitter
  • Draped in Velvet – Deep Eggplant with shimmer
  • Eyes Like Sapphires – Brilliant Blue with shimmer
  • Drenched in Diamonds – Luxurious Platinum with metallic finish

We Adorn You is only available through professional beauty distributors and salons while supplies last. Open stock SRP: $6.50/bottle.



Ruby Pumps

Gilded Treasures

In Awe Of Amber

Soft Sienna Silks

Anklets Of Amethyst

Draped In Velvet

Eyes Like Sapphires

Drenched In Diamonds